VagabondBase Features

One platform for all your travel planning needs.

Learn why VagabondBase is the ultimate tool for planning your next trip.

Travel Itinerary Planner

Plan every inch of your travel itinerary.

Travel packing list creator

Create and manage packing checklists.

The Ultimate Travel Planning Hub

Connected with your favorite apps.

  • Apple Maps
  • Waze

Collaborative Trip Planner

Collaborate in real-time with your friends.

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Fastest route with multiple stops

Plan your route with automated waypoints optimization.

Trip planner without constraints

Rich text editor for adding travel notes to any activity.

Itinerary builder

Wide collection of activities for your itinerary

Three-dimensional maps.

VagabondBase's three-dimensional map, featuring the Eiffel Tower

Trails, paths & terrain.

Perfect for hiking, cycling and outdoor activities

VagabondBase's three-dimensional map with accurate terrain data, precise trails & paths

Multi-timezone trip planner

Plan and enjoy seamless journeys across time zones.

Multi-currency trip planner

Explore the world and manage your finances with ease.

Itinerary's weather forecast

No more surprises: know the weather ahead of time.

And a lot more to discover.

VagabondBase is the ultimate tool for travel planning.